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Healing Mineral Water

At HOT SPRINGS MEDICAL & SPA HOTEL we use only pure mineral water for the Wellness and Spa Center, and during all of the Medicinal and Wellness treatments.

Our medical staff can develop physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs, various kinetic physical therapies, detox programs, weight-loss, and anti-stress procedures to fit the needs of every one of our guests using the healing properties of mineral water.

Experts say that the mineral water springs of Banya come from rainfalls which happened two thousand years ago and it is proven that it is completely pure and free of any modern world contaminations.

To increase the therapeutic effect, the healing properties of mineral water are at the basis of each rehabilitation method for medicinal and prophylactic treatments of the musculoskeletal system, postoperative prophylaxis of old injuries of the bone system,  gynecological disorders,  urologic and dermatologic illnesses, a number of internal illnesses.

It is wonderful for your health not only while bathing. It could be used for drinking balneotherapy under medical supervision to benefit primarily on the gastrointestinal tract, liver, biliary and renal excretion systems.   

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