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History / Region

Southern Bulgaria has been a  home to famous cultural monuments, historical and spritual sites for centuries.

Hot Springs Medical & Spa hotel is located in the village of Banya (“Bath”) – a small village, popular for its thermal springs (a total of 72 hot mineral springs with temperatures of up to 58 degrees Celsius).

Banya was the oldest inhabited village in the region. There is evidence of the area being populated as far back as the XIII century BC.

The first founders and settlers on these lands were the Thracians. Many artefacts and remains from Thracian times are still being discovered. 

Local legends still tell the stories of Roman legionaries who after a battle were being sent here to recover using the healing powers of the medicinal waters.

In Roman times bathing was a ritual. It involved a sequence of procedures which used the benefits of water and steam to liven both body and soul. In the beginning of the fourth century BC the region was conquered by the Macedonian Tzar Philip and later on – by Alexander the Great.

On the spot where today stands “The old Bulgarian bath” existed a settlement with a sanctuary of Apollo built by the Macedonians in honor of the God of the Sun and the warm water. Evidence of this we find on a preserved stone with an inscription in ancient Greek.

The town of Razlog which at present is a Municipality center dates back for centuries. Until the year of 1923 it was called Mehomia – a name believed to had been given to the town by the Thracians.  Here it is still possible to visit more than 41 buildings preserved as cultural monuments. There are numerous findings with historical and cultural significance.   

If you love history and if you love to travel here are some suggestions of the places you can visit nearby Hot Springs Medical & Spa hotel:

- Vihren towering at 2914 m. - The second highest summit in the country and third on the Balkan Peninsula. This is the only place where you can find the protected alpine flower called Edelweiss listed in the "Red Book of Bulgaria."

- National Park Pirin - one of three national parks in Bulgaria, famous for its unique biodiversity, spectacular natural formations, cultural and historic sites. Because of its exceptional natural beauty, from 1983 National Park "Pirin" is included in the Convention for the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage of UNESCO.

- Rila monastery - one of the symbols of Bulgaria, built in 927-941, included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site as a cultural monument of world importance.

- Picturesque and oddly shaped rocks - the Stob Pyramids – known for the local Legend of the petrified wedding;

- Rozhen Monastery (by the town of Melnik), established in 890 AD - one of the few standing medieval Bulgarian monasteries, famous for its authenticity, and its preserved murals, stained glass, and carvings.

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